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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mornings, at Six

If you had a good night’s sleep,

There is nothing welcomer

Than the break of the dawn.

To lie on bed, watching

Eyes half-open, at the darkness

Paling, leaves of the Jack

And further away the Mango

Filtering just enough light

So that your eyes do not hurt.

There are always the birds.

Sweet tweet of the Robin

Sunbirds chirping, peering at flowers

Cuckoos always so flustered,

Plaintive, like mothers in kitchen

Scurrying about in the morning

And the omnipresent caws

Of the crows –

One will love even the crows

On such a morning.

Mornings are always so cool.

Bitterness of yesterdays,

Burdens to carry today

Bleakness of the future –

For a gentle moment, all pains are gone

As curtains flutter in the breeze

And the strains of hymns waft in.

I hear the soft taps

Of his nails

As Tommy comes up

And then the door is rudely pushed open

As Sancho comes barging in,

Ahead of his father.

The wet slurps, soft whines

And then the nuzzling on the ears -

What could be a better way

To begin a day?

The telephone rings –

My love, to say hello.

************** Balachandran, Trivandrum 25.04.2009


  1. hmm..another simple yet fab poem. ur poems magnificently carry a simplicity whch makes them endearing
    i cud almost feel a december morning.its the oly time i try,i mean,i try to wake up a lil bit early,say,6.30, to see those incipient rays and to feel the exceptional freshness of the air and i feel immense happiness for no reason and i genuinely wonder y cant i do this all morning !

    One will love even the crows
    On such a morning!!

    its pity no, many detest ths bird,as we hav som prejudice for this poor silly bird.for nt making sweet sounds,for nt havng spectacular feathers..somone said nice words abt crows!

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  3. balaannan...by reading u'r poem i simply love it....so ijust gonna sleep now...'coz morrow early morning i wanna get up....wanna see all those things...good night...thanks a lot 4 tis..other wise i may sit here at lest for three more hrs...wanna do a lot of wrks...but u'r poem ...it makes me to get up frm here n sleep......good...


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