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Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue Moon


Blue Moon!

How would thee be?

Blue, like the skies over the mountains

Or the sea a hundred fathoms deep?

Would thee be a lavender blue

Or a fragrance from Satchmo’s jazz?


Nights –

I do not remember days anymore –

Nights –

Rattle of toddy cats on the roof

Rustle of the mango tree in the breeze

The howl of my dogs

Pining for love.

Through the window

A moon, waxing and waning

Clouded out.


She said she would glance at my words

Once in a blue moon.

I seek thee, Blue Moon!

How would thee come?

On the fourteenth night

Thy anklets tittering,

Lifting thy veil

And -

Looking at me with love?

******  Balachandran V, Trivandrum, 06-02-2009






  1. may d blue moon occur more frequently..and may the phrase prove wrong for it supposed usage...

  2. Yet, isn't it beautiful? To yearn for something that will never come your way? I consider Blue Moon as one of my best efforts...

  3. There is poetry in yearning. I find yearning beyond yearning too in these lines.


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