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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ballad of the Bulleteer

(This is for the fellow riders of Silver-Bullets, Trivandrum)

If you listen carefully,
You might hear Africa.
You would think
You are in the Congos
Or Bongos
And will go bonkers -
That’s how we thump our Bulls.

Wolfpack* roar like lions
Old Bulls honk like elephants
Electras spat like leopards
Thunderbirds soar like eagles-
In the roads of the jungle
The Bulls are the wildest of all.

The toys look better, they ride faster
They have the gizmos
They have the gloss
Like the floozies that flock the streets.

The Bull may look like hulks
‘coz Hogans rule the roads.
They may leak
They may cough
They may choke
But the Bull gets you where you want to be.

Respect, dignity, self-assurance
The Bull is the bike for men.
You have to have it
Between your legs
To know what makes you a man.
* 500 cc Royal Enfield Bullet M/cycle
Balan, Trivandrum 15-12-2008


  1. This is a song of the road, of the modern day riders who gallop away on their iron horses..

  2. The pride of the Bulletteers! How you bull riders look down on the others! Nice write.


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